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Founded in 2007, Green DMV Foundation (Green DMV) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization seeking to promote global sustainability as the means to alleviate poverty. Our initial focus was to help influence policy change to spur sustainable development and equitable environmental policies. GREEN DMV Foundation is fueled by a burning passion to ensure we have a sustainable world that gives the global poor an equal right to a long quality life. Our guiding priorities include:

  1. Educate small businesses on the benefits of going green to save money and manage their impact on the environment.
  2. Build and maintain a community database with existing members, local authorities and other organizations involved in creating green spaces.
  3. Create a green job workforce in low-income and underserved communities to provide new employment opportunities in the growing green economy and curb global warming.
  4. Provide technical assistance to mayors and community groups to implement local green-collar job initiatives.
  5. Facilitate communication and sharing of information among community groups involved in green initiatives

Scroll through the images below to view highlights of Green DMV’s initiatives, which have been recognized by various media and environmental agencies including The Environmental Protection Agency, Washingtonian magazine, Washington Life, and Black Enterprise.


Our programs

Since our founding in 2007, GREEN DMV Foundation has successfully developed programs to serve disadvantaged communities and initiatives that work toward a green and more sustainable tomorrow. Our focus areas include green jobs, schools, businesses, and policies.


Through strategic partnerships with community organizations and government agencies, our Green Jobs Corp program significantly contributes to the sustainability of low-income communities by enabling blue-collar workers to transition into new “green-collar” jobs and give at-risk youth a pathway into the new green economy.


Our Green Kids program introduces students to the concept of climate change and environmental conservation while providing tools to make environmentally conscious choices in their lives. We foster an environmental literacy program, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of a clean energy economy.


The Green DMV Business program assists in retrofitting small and disadvantaged businesses in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia to reduce their carbon footprint through low and no-cost sustainable solutions, and create a more sustainable business environment in the low-income community.



While local communities are responding to environmental challenges, we also need strong climate legislation to protect and provide opportunities for low- and moderate-income communities to have a greener life. In the absence of such legislation, it is nearly impossible to create lasting change in underserved communities.

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